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In Debrecen, after the adoption of the first doctoral (PhD) programmes in agricultural sciences (1993), interdisciplinary research in the fields of soil, water and environmental sciences came into prominence. In 2000, the same year when the integration of the universities of Debrecen took place, János Nagy, DSc, professor, initiated the establishment of the multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Agricultural Sciences and in 2002 the Hungarian Accreditation Committee accredited (D53) the Kerpely Kálmán Doctoral School. The programme for the development of land use and plant breeding successfully combined the scientific activities of the cooperating university faculties and research institutes (Karcag, Nyíregyháza). The scientific foundation and development of precision crop production technologies applicable in the field has been designated as a priority.

The most important basis of the research work is the unique and recognized Multifactorial Long-Term Field Trial in Debrecen (crop rotation x tillage x fertilization x irrigation x plant density x genotype) and its scientific results, founded in 1983. Even then, the international embeddedness was a strength of the programme, and faculty and students regularly presented their results at international conferences.

The Doctoral School has significantly improved its research spectrum, broadening the range of lecturers participating in the training, from the Faculty of Science of UD and the Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the ATK, taking on core membership and supervision. The DS researches the most efficient ways, methods and development and innovation opportunities of sustainable precision agriculture by involving several disciplines and research areas - agriculture, crop production, horticulture, plant protection, land use, soil protection, soil improvement, agrometeorology, agricultural engineering, horticultural biotechnology – for which its cooperating partner, KITE cPlc. in Nádudvar provides excellent circumstances The strength of the Doctoral School is that it participates in the Higher Education Excellence Program in the field of “Water-related research”, Precision Agriculture. The research results serve to improve the efficiency of agricultural land use and crop production, ensuring that the interventions are environmentally friendly and meet the requirements of sustainable farming.

Another strength of the DS is that it participates in the project entitled Innovative Scientific Workshops in Hungarian Agricultural Higher Education in cooperation with the doctoral schools of several universities. The project provides higher education institutions with the expansion of human resources and supply to increase research, innovation and smart specialization, in order to develop the talent management workshops of higher education institutions in a coordinated manner.

The Doctoral School continuously fulfilled the quality assurance objectives set by the Doctoral and Habilitation Council of the University of Debrecen. In accordance with the quality evaluation system, it ensured the high quality of PhD training and scientific work.

In accordance with the quality assurance system of the Doctoral School, after obtaining the degree, we are in direct contact with those who choose teaching and research careers and follow their life path. We are in direct contact with those who have been employed by companies if there is a research collaboration, and via the Alumni system with the rest of the former students.

The new website aims to open the door to the world. We hope we have aroused your interest and might welcome you among our students soon.

Council of the Kerpely Kálmán Doctoral School

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